<aside> 🤩 Hi! I am exploring ‘What Korean music is’ using MIR(Music Information Retrieval) techniques.

I’ve been playing the Piano and Janggu since I was 5 years old. I majored in performing Haegeum in college, but I can treat many other Korean instruments such as Taegyeongso, Yangguem, Gayageum, Gkwaenggwari, Sogeum, Piri, Danso, etc. (Pretty well!)


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📧 [email protected]

🌟 instagram : @handanbinaerin


2024.03.01 : I gave a presentation "Computational Auditory Perception" group, at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt.

2024.02.26 : I started my PhD program at the Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST.

2024.01.22 : I received an award for outstanding paper at the '2023 Sogang University Graduate School Excellent Thesis Competition’. [Link1] [Link2]

2024.01.07 : I received approval from the review professors for my master's thesis and submitted it. It's my master's graduation!!!

2023.11.07 : I have been to Milan and presented my paper at ISMIR and DLfM. It was a nerve-wracking but very meaningful experience.

• **2023.09.02 : “**Aligning Incomplete Lyrics of Korean Folk Song Dataset using Whisper” was accepted to DLfM 2023

2023.08.02 : The news of the paper publication in 2023 ISMIR has been uploaded to the Official News section of the Art and Technology Department at Sogang University.

2023.07.20 : I gave an oral presentation at the Music&Audio Workshop held in Powerplant at SNU.

2023.07.17 :  I awarded a 100% Registration, Accommodation, and Travel Grant at ISMIR 2023.